5 May, 2015
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Fishing Guide for Wales England Scotland

Fishing Guide for Wales England Scotland.You can search for 800 fisheries, clubs, tackle shops and all things connected to fishing in our guide.

Boilies 6lb Bag

Carp Boilie Ingredients For Great Homemade Baits!

Catching more big carp is much easier when you know some very stimulating details about bait components, how fish sense your baits, how to manipulate fish physiology to make fish want to eat our baits more and more! Commercially-manipulated anglers tend to think like anglers instead of thinking like a fish which is far superior …


Make Homemade Carp Boilies For Winter And Summer

You can make your own carp fishing boilies with incredible potency and beat top ready made baits! Making carp boilies and paste is very much like making bread dough or cake mix. However the traditional methods and substances and thinking has actually changed and evolved very much, so much so that many commercial bait makers …


How to make Boilies for Carp fishing

I will show you how to make the most important of Carp baits, the boilie. The tactics and tips from beginner to professional level. In my first written presentation and in the short video that accompanies it I would like to show anglers who are thinking about making boilies, but are in dilemma over the …


Fishing for Perch

Perch are one of the handsomest and, in its larger sides, the most desirable of British freshwater. Its vivid olive-green colouring with dark stripes down its sides and brilliant red fins are known to every boy who has spent happy days dabbling in a stream or pond. Fishing for Perch is certainly the easiest of …